Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Elevator Pitch

Ever hear of the phrase, "Elevator Pitch"?

It arose from the idea that, if you bumped into a very important person on an elevator, you would only have the duration of an elevator ride to pitch your concept or product. So, when you practice your "Elevator Pitch," you need to distill the essense of your idea into a 2-minute dialogue that should explain it while making it sound like the super-most-awesome-thing ever.

So, The Hero Business definitely needs an "Elevator Pitch," right? OK, here 'goes...

"Ever wonder why some super-heroes are more popular than others? Why some of those super guys get movies, toy deals and cartoons - while others become the "Zima" of the super-hero set? The answers to those questions lie behind the doors of The Hero Business - a specialty agency that caters to the super-hero set.

The Hero Buiness is a funny and fast-paced web comic by Bill Walko that believes "with great powers, comes great marketability." And you'll see why running a super-hero agency can be a little less than super when your staff includes a washed-up super-hero, a recovering super-villain, a prickly public relations expert, an overly-aggressive marketing director and a cynical receptionist.

But mayhem is all in a day's work... when you're in The Hero Business."

Whatdoyathink? If you were a rich dude in an elevator, would you buy it?

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